Cisco FMC: Checking temperature status

One day received fan speed is running high alert:

Warning Hardware Alarms:1 xx 08:21:04 FAN1_TACH2 fan speed is running high Run Events Graph

Suspected high temperature but was not sure how to check it without running troubleshooting bundle. Here is a quick command to check temperature and other useful parameters on FirePower Management Center (FMC). Need to run it from sudo mode.

root@firepower:/Volume/home/admin# MegaCLI -AdpBbuCmd -aAll

BBU status for Adapter: 0

BatteryType: CVPM02
Voltage: 9826 mV
Current: 0 mA
Temperature: 30 C
BBU Firmware Status:

Charging Status : None
Voltage : OK
Temperature : OK
Learn Cycle Requested : No
Learn Cycle Active : No
Learn Cycle Status : OK
Learn Cycle Timeout : No
I2c Errors Detected : No
Battery Pack Missing : No
Battery Replacement required : No
Remaining Capacity Low : No
Periodic Learn Required : No
Transparent Learn : No
No space to cache offload : No
Pack is about to fail & should be replaced : No
Cache Offload premium feature required : No
Module microcode update required : No
BBU GasGauge Status: 0x6448
Pack energy : 328 J
Capacitance : 100
Remaining reserve space : 96


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