Cisco ISE || 2.7p9 to 3.1p7 upgrade experience

7 node deployment (2xPAN/MnT, 4xPSN, 1xPxGRID), preloaded upgrade file to each ISE node local disk to save time, converted licenses to 3.1 model on Smart license portal with TAC assistance. In Virtual ISE deployment, I suggest downloading the 3.1 new install image and making sure you have access to virtual infrastructure. In large deployment plan for large maintenance window.

  • Started with URT bundle on secondary PAN/MnT, install/validation failed, had TAC look at it, some weird db error, reboot cleared it
  • After successful URT install it reported 10 hours upgrade for PAN/MnT, ran “application configure Iise” >> opt3[Purge MnT data], after that time dropped to 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Started upgrade in GUI on Friday evening with the option to stop on failure.
  • Secondary PAN/MnT upgraded OK, added to Smart Licenses portal, next one was PxGRID node and it failed. Took about 1.5 hours to roll back. I could not proceed any further until it was done.

At this point if you are having issues with upgrade of secondary PAN/MnT I suggest to de-register, re-image to 3.1 and restore from back up.

  • Since secondary PAN/MnT upgraded fine I decided to proceed again with an upgrade in GUI, rearranged nodes, and staged PSNs to be upgraded first.
  • 1st PSN upgraded OK, the next one failed and took another 1.5 hours to roll back but at least I had 1 node working on 3.1 and could finish the upgrade through the reimaging if I had to.
  • After another call to TAC, nothing was found in the logs, the suggestion was to re-image to 3.1 and join to upgraded PAN/MnT
  • Decided to reboot PSN and restarted the upgrade on it again. At the same time dis-joined PxGRID and ran the upgrade as stand-alone from CLI.
  • After the reboot PSN GUI upgrade succeeded and moved on to the next 3 PSN’s
  • PxGRID upgrade was also successful and manually joined to 3.1 PAN/MnT with no issues
  • When the last PAN/MnT node was upgrading it failed, and a 1.5-hour rollback failed also. Reboot made no change, TAC did not find anything fixable in the logs. The suggestion was to re-image and rejoin to 3.1 deployment
  • After re-image and cert re-import, it was joined successfully and the upgrade was finally complete.
  • After promoting PAN/MnT to primary I had to reset ISE root certs and reset Smart license registration due to Alerts.

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