Cisco 4100: unable to login to FCM GUI

After initial setup, I ran into an issue where Firepower Chassis Manager (FCM) GUI access was unavailable due to a bad password. SSH access worked fine.  This can be fixed through the command line interface.

  1. Login to CLI

4110-1-A# scope security

  1. Confirm admin user exists

4110-1-A /security # show local-user

User Name       First Name      Last name

————— ————— ———


  1. Modify local user password

4110-1-A /security # enter local-user admin

4110-1-A /security/local-user # set password

Enter a password:

Confirm the password:

4110-1-A /security/local-user* # commit-buffer

Access GUI FCM with new password again. It should work this time.

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