SMA: Messages in Outbreak quarantine could not be rescanned

This issue started with Ironports unable to connect to Content Security Management Appliance (SMA) at port 7025. After SMA was rebooted additional error popped up “Messages in Outbreak quarantine could not be rescanned.” On the GUI System Status, all data was zero and System Information Queue was not mounted.

After a brief investigation I only had two option: Call TAC or do resetqueue. Since I was short on time I went with the latter one.

resetqueue command is destructive and will delete messages in  workqueue and policy quarantines.

sma> resetqueue

WARNING: ALL MESSAGES IN YOUR QUEUE WILL BE DELETED. This command will reboot your system and reset your queue. Are you sure you want to proceed?

[N]> y

System rebooting. Please wait while the queue is being closed………………………….

Closing CLI connection.
Rebooting the system…

After reboot completed all queues came up and data was still there so after all you may get lucky and still have your data intact.


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