Cisco Anyconnect: Roaming Security profile is missing

As I was testing Anyconnect (AC) upgrade from version 4.4.x to 4.6.x I ran into an issue with Roaming Security Module (RSM) on Mac. Some upgrades would complete successfully but others would display “Profile is missing” error. Windows machines got upgraded just fine.

Come to find out during the upgrade process (which involved simply uploading new web deploy packages and moving them up in the priority list) some of the critical configuration commands got removed. Here is a great Cisco link for configuration reference.

To fix this issue verify and re-add these commands to Cisco ASA.

Under global Webvpn Configuration

anyconnect profiles OpenDNS disk0:/OrgInfo.json

Under the Group Policy Configuration. Make sure and update all relevant group policies.

group-policy GP_Anyconnect attributes
anyconnect profiles value OpenDNS type umbrella

Once all commands were in place AC had to reconnect and missing profile error got resolved.


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