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Recently I had to upgrade the code on remote Cisco ASA pair in order to resolve a bug in FirePOWER module. ASA was 100% functional and fully operational. I’ve copied the code and prepared to reload the standby unit. When I’ve executed reload command nothing happened. I thought it was a glitch related to that unit and attempted to issue the same command on the active one. Same result. I thought maybe it will make a difference to do it from Console. No luck.

Cisco ASA:

One way to solve this dilemma came to be very “elegant” – crash the unit to force reload. Command below will do just that.

crashinfo force page-fault

The following video demonstrates Cisco ASA output after command was executed.


Once I’ve executed this command unit rebooted and came up with the new code. The same command had to be done on the redundant unit also.


  • Solution to a problem may not be obvious and by the book. Leveraging all available resources and implementing tricks like this can ultimately save you time, effort, and frustration.


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