Cisco Nexus: OSPF routing over vPC failing after upgrade

After upgrading a pair of Nexus-6k from 6.x code to 7.3(5)1 I’ve noticed a strange behavior where OSPF adjacency from Cisco ASA to Nexus was not forming over vPC peer link. All was working fine on 6.x code.

Took a bit to figure it out and this article helped to resolve this issue.

New command was introduced to support Layer 3 routing over vPC – “layer3 peer-router“. It is configured under VPC domain.

vpc domain X
layer3 peer-router

Once I added it to both Nexuses OSPF adjacency came up on both ASAs. Keep in mind “peer-gateway” also needs to be present.

Below is a  great reference table for Nexus model and code that supports this command.

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