Cisco FirePOWER missing license

A short post about adding licenses to Sourcefire Defense Center (DC).

When you order licenses for Sourcefire Sensors most of the time they come one per feature key (Protect+Control, URLFilter or Malware) and you install it by copy/pasting the key. But sometimes you may get it combined all in one file similar to the image below.

Sourcefire combined license

If you attempt to install this license by pasting all of the content at once you will not encounter any errors or notifications. DC will accept it as valid input, but when you start adding Sensors you will notice that some of the licenses are not present. If you happen to import several licenses at a time it makes it even worse, because now you do not know which one got missed.

My understanding is that second license key is ignored during the import process. The simple solution is to brake license file apart and re-apply licenses one key at a time. Check license count under System > Licenses ( > Classic licenses for 6.0 version), identify which feature key did not make it and add it as a new license.

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