Cisco FirePOWER: Extremely slow GUI , missing CPU

FirePower Management Center (FMC) crashed one day refusing GUI or SSH access. After reboot SSH was back but GUI was painfully slow. With the help from TAC discovered a well know bug in UCS BIOS which causes loss of CPU on the server after a reboot.

You can check the number of CPU with ‘nproc’ and ‘cat /proc/cpuinfo’

FMC underlying hardware is a C Series UCS that has a memory leak bug which makes the FMC believe it has only so many CPUs. The bug is in BIOS and has a fix only in BIOS version 2.0(8d). ANY OTHER BIOS version SHOULD NOT BE USED.

To check for current BIOS version.

root@firepower:/var/sf/updates# dmidecode | more

BIOS Information

Vendor: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Version: C220M3.2.0.1b.0.052620140405

For the BIOS upgrade, I’d strongly recommend to consult TAC and have an engineer on the phone while the upgrade is done.


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  • Do you remember if the BIOS upgrade was done from the FMC CLI or from CIMC? I have the same bug with 2 FMC 4000 and have consulted TAC. TAC uploaded the BIOS file to the FMC and did the upgrade from CLI, but the upgrade failed and instead resulted in DB corruption. I am a bit concerned to try this method again and wonder if upgrading from CIMC might be a safer alternative?

    • Definitely CIMC. We had to get CIMC network connection up, direct preferred but will also work over the network to mount ISO. I was going to add it to the post but did not have all the details.

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