Ironport ESA: SBRS unable to retrieve

Mail queue started filling up on one of the Ironports after this alert.

The url_rep_client was restarted due to an error.

Looking at the logs I see this error.

grep “unable to” mail_logs -t

ACCEPT SG None match sbrs[none] SBRS unable to retrieve country unable to retrieve

DNS checked out ok. Found a TAC case that indicated a possible bug. Forced update on reputation engine.

repengupdate force

Confirmed update by tailing the updater log file.

tail updater_logs

Forced mail delivery in the queue.


Please choose an option for scheduling immediate delivery.
1. By recipient domain
2. All messages
[1]> 2

No change. Decided to reboot with 30 seconds to wait before forcing connections to close. I was a bit worried about all the stuck messages in the queue. After the reboot queue retained all the original messages and slowly started delivering them.

Sometimes all you need is a good old system reboot.

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