Cisco ASA: Re-hosting Term license to another ASA

If you ever need to re-host ASA license due to a typo in the serial number (SN) or after migration from a failed device the process is simple but not very intuitive.

  1. Log in to Cisco License Registration Portal with your id.
  2. Select Licenses > Move Licenses > Share licenses… > Get activation Code
  3. Select Product. In this case ASA Anyconnect Term and Content
  4. Fill in required information
    1. Method: Share traditional licenses
    2. Source: SN of ASA where license is currently applied
    3. Target: SN of new ASA appliance
    4. Send code to this email: email registered with CCO account, no other email can be used.
    5. Hit “Request Code”. 

You can retrieve Source device serial number from the License page and Target device number can be retrieved from “show version“. Keep in mind you’ll need Software SN for license transition.

ASA# sh ver | i Serial Number
Serial Number: JADxxxxxx

  1. You will receive activation code by e-mail. Use the activation code to obtain a license for the new appliance: Licenses > Move Licenses > Share licenses… > Use activation Code…

  1. Enter code you received in email
  2. Review Serial numbers and select your product.
  3. Accept License Agreement and select Get License.
  4. Download new license. 
  5. Once downloaded make sure Serial number matches Software SN. Apply new license with activation-key command.


2 comments On Cisco ASA: Re-hosting Term license to another ASA

  • OMG thank you – this was super helpful as cisco’s documentation and websites do not make it easy to figure out the above.

  • Exactly what I was looking for… worked like a charm for re-hosting AnyConnect licenses from a failed ASA HW.
    Clear and well documented, big thumbs-up for the writer!

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